“Sometimes you can tell a large story with a tiny subject.”
Eliot Porter

Making photographs is for me a way to watch the world around me. And what I’ve seen can be found on this site. I’m attracted to the tiny landscapes both in nature and in urban spaces, searching for patterns, structures and chaos.

About 40 years ago, I started with making photographs; all analog with black and white films. Printing films in the small dark room; in the attic I was busy in red light with all kinds of chemicals. And it was a kind of magic to see the image appear on a white sheet of paper. Very fascinating and fulfilling to do!

All kind of reasons (becoming a family, my daytime job) made that I could not spend much time on photography. About a decade ago, I decided to start again seriously. The whole field of photography had changed drastically: no more analog film, but all things digital! No more dark room, but Lightroom and Photoshop.

What didn’t change was the challenge to make photography work and to tell a story.
In 2021 I redesigned this site and switched the language to English. The old blog articles in Dutch can be found here.
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