One year of publishing images: the best of 2013

Collage van de beste foto's van 2013

My photoblog celebrates it’s first birthday! I started this blog after reading a post by Scott Bourne. It was called ‘Seven Ideas For Photographers’ New Year’s Resolutions‘.  All these ideas were aimed at making the reader a better photographer by next year. That appealed to me and therefore I decided to follow his advice to start a photo blog. It “will force you to make more photos because if you don’t, you’ll run out of blog ideas”. I liked this idea and made it happen.

So this blog is now in existence for one year! It did help me to focus my photography: I made a commitment to publish twice a week at least one blogpost. And I found that it stimulated me to make more photographs. During this year it evolved not in a way that it was a burden, but in a way that I felt challenged and comfortable with.

And now I like to publish ten of my best photographs made in 2013. I hope you enjoy viewing these images, as much as I enjoyed creating these images.

1. Studenthousing in Utrecht.
This is a colorfull studenthousing called Casa Confetti. My son moved this summer to a new appartment in this building. I asked hem to sit in the window of his appartment. I found out that it was rather challenging for my lens to get straight lines (the 12-24 f/4 Nikon lens)
Student in het raam van zijn kamer op Casa confetti.

2. A smal alley in an old dutch town center
These houses have a mediterranean atmosphere; it are however 16th and 17th century houses in the old town center of Zutphen.
De kolensteeg in Zutphen op een zonnige dag.

3. Schiphol airport, Amsterdam.
An airport is mostly about people and planes; but at Amsterdam airport you can also find these large concrete flower pots.
Bloembakken op Schiphol met siergras

4. A yellow tulip
This yellow tulip was backlighted and the photograph was taken just before my wife decided to throw this bunch of flowers away.
Een gele tulp, bijna uitgebloeid,

5. The beach of Zanzibar
We had a beautiful holiday on Zanzibar. The beaches and light are famous, and I wouldn’t believe the colors of the sea and sky until I saw ik myself.
Een masai loopt op het strand van Zanzibar

6. Old books on a bookmarket
I like old books, and the biggest secondhand bookmarket of Europe was in a town nearby. These items for sale show the beauty of books, alsmost independent of their content.
Een serie liedboeken voor gebruik in de kerkdienst

7. Biking on the heatherfields.
The heatherfields in august turn purple; the weather is still nice and this makes biking through nature fun.

Fietsers op de Groevenbeekse heide

8. A road in autumn
These beeches  in autumn colors look like pillars beside this road.
Beuken langs de weg naar Uddel in de herfst

9. A railway station at night.
I still wonder why railway stations are designed in such a way that you really don’t want to be there unless you must travel
Station Apeldoorn Osseveld bij nacht

10. Autumns leave of a grape
I always like the colors and structures of leaves in the autumns although I’ve seen it many times in my life.

Herfstkleuren van een druivenblad

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