The best of 2014

Collage of 10 best images of 2014

2014 was the second year of my photoblog. Due to personal circumstances I published less than in 2013. I realized how important blogging is for me. Blogging gives me the opportunity to publish my images and a great stimulus to make advancements in my photograpy. It appeals to me that my pictures are not only for me in my Lightroom catalogue, but that they also can be viewed by others.

This blog give a wrap up of the best of 2014; at least what I think are my best images.


Rapeseed fields in the Noordoostpolder

Bloeiend koolzaad in de NoordoostpolderBlue skies and yellow fields together with clouds: something I can enjoy very much in spring.


Highland cattle in river forelands

Schotse hooglanders in de uiterwaarden van de IJssel bij FortmondLazy highland cattle just standing still and doing virtually nothing.


The silhoutte of trees in autumn

Silhouet van bomen in de herfstTrees that look almost transparent.


An old cart in the sunset on a dike

Een wagen op de IJsseldijk bij CortenoeverThis old cart was parked on a dike; it made a nice silhoutte during sunset


Tulip fields with lots of flowering tulips

Bloeiende bollenvelden met rood gele tulpen in overvloed10 tulips on a vase are nice; but I find this number of tulips much more impressive.


Calla flower on black

Calla bloem tegen een zwarte achtergrondCalla are nice flowers: mostly used in bouquets for funerals. But I like them for any occassion.


Caleidoscope of frozen raindrops

Een caleidoscoop gemaakt van foto van rijp in druppelvorm op de
I made this caleidscope from an image of frozen raindrops on a car.


The ceiling of an old 19th century industrial building

Een stalen balken plafond in loods

The nice colored blue of the ceiling of this old industrial building struck me.


One bird in a cage – lots and lots of them

Heel veel vogeltjes: gele en oranje kanaries op de vogeltentoonstelling in Apeldoorn
Exhibition of birds: never seen so many of the same birds caged in a small uniform cage.


An old churchtower in typical dutch landscape

Uitzicht op uiterwaarden en de toren van de hervormde kerk in HeterenOld tower in colors of green.

Looking back at the best of 2014 is inspirational for me. For me it is also a stimulus to work on improvements for 2015.

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